A dynamic model system with intelligent fertigation

Location: Acedera (Badajoz)

MODIFIEr is a research project led by Ambling in which a dynamic model system with intelligent fertigation was developed. This system optimised water and fertiliser usage in cultivation, by controlling production and quality with the subsequent savings and advantages for the farmer and environment.

The platform is committed to new technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT). The main tasks undertaken in this project, besides coordination and management, have been monitoring and follow-up of the cultivation with hyperspectral images as a source of entry to the system, the generation of dynamic maps to sectorise and control plots, draw up topographic maps of the plots with drones and GPS, follow-up and assessment of spectral indices with drones equipped with multi-spectral cameras and the creation of a control system with satellite images coming from the Copernicus project.