Hyperspectral remote sensing

Location: Extremadura

Year: 2020

These days, some inspection processes are done visually in the meat industry. However, everything that cannot be analysed with the naked eye must be subject to laboratory tests. Microbial contamination and foreign bodies can be detected in beef/pork meat, and the feeding characteristics of pigs can be determined with hyperspectral remote sensing under the solution proposed by HYQUM. In this national research project, we have captured hyperspectral images in slaughterhouses and generated a mathematical model that detects, in real-time and on the production line, intrinsic and extrinsic foreign bodies in pieces of beef and pork meat, such as pieces of glove, containers, labels, clots, gristle, etc.

This solution gives meat industries an automatic system capable of detecting anomalies or foreign bodies in the meat to ensure the end product’s quality—a solution in the production line in which the human factor is not involved.