Innovative Thinking

At Ambling we deem the human factor to be our essential pillar, and we try to get each person to contribute their most innovative vision to find solutions to the challenges we face.

Innovation is our work philosophy and main tool for change. We participate in innovation projects from the identification of opportunities to the implementation of results, which allows us to find solutions to existing problems and improvements in our processes.


RAREX, WasteWater Radar of Extremadura

RAREX, WasteWater Radar of Extremadura Taking into account current needs and the global panorama in which we are immersed given the advance and effects of COVID-19, Ambling launches the “Radar de Aguas Residuales de Extremadura (RAREX)” project, whose main objective is to systematize and protocolize a system for monitoring and early detection of viruses in…

Los Molinos Floating Input

Installation of the arm for the floating input to Los Molinos dam On 3th December, the arm assembly operation for the floating input was carried out in the Los Molinos dam in Hornachos (Badajoz). This action has been carried out within the works that are being carried out in the association of municipalities of “Los…