Drafting of the construction project for the urbanisation of the 2nd and 3rd stage of the Project of Regional Interest, Southwest European Logistics Platform in Badajoz 1st phase
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Southwest European Logistics Platform

Redacción del proyecto de construcción de la urbanización de la 2.ª y 3.ª etapa del Proyecto de Interés Regional Plataforma Logística del Suroeste Europeo en Badajoz 1.ª fase

Client: Junta de Extremadura

Year: 2019

Location: Badajoz

The project designs, dimensions and defines the works to develop the PIR’s 2nd and 3rd Phases. Southwest European Logistics Platform, 1st Phase, regarding the urbanisation and connection with the general systems outside the area of action, with sufficient detail and precision for its assessment and execution, and to provide the plots in their planning with the appropriate urban infrastructures and services for their development: road and pedestrian access, drinking water supply, sewerage network for the disposal of waste and rainwater, electricity supply, public lighting, telecommunications network (voice and data), basic infrastructure for gas supply, urban signage for traffic, landscaping of green areas, irrigation and urban furniture and adoption of measures for environmental protection, correction and integration.